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Welcome to the world of HYLOR®

We are specialized in the manufacture of cladding, solid-wood decking and derivative products.

Come and discover the Hylor® brand, its values ​​and Gascogne Wood Division, a French company based in the southwest of France and the first integrated-operator in the Aquitaine wood industry.

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Strong values

We want you, consumers and users, enjoy Hylor®. For this, we carry and support a culture of strong and committed brand, which we hope will make you want to choose our products and become loyal customers.

The professionalism

We are carried by know-how and men who guarantee it since almost a century. Our ambition remains the realization of the best wood products and the valuation of the accomplished work.

Quality and trend

Aesthetic value is one of the pillars of our development. We pay close attention to trends and consumer tastes in design and decorative objects.

Sustainable development

The application of the fundamental principles of the concept means a lot to us, both in our industrial processes and in our social and environmental engament.